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Feb. 14-22, 2015
Lakeshore Bonspiel


Important curling news and information



June 14+, 2015

Here is the latest news that you should know:

  • a new page called the Bulletin Board has been added to our website. The first thing that we used it for is important information about several different ideas that we have about helping our members find spares when they are not able to curl. As part of that effort we would also like to ask for your opinion about the idea of creating a common pool of spares between the Whitlock Curling Club and the Legion. All of this information is on the bulletin board, for which you can find a link above. Once you’re done reading what’s posted there then please go to the Comments and Feedback page and tell us what your position is using the on-line form. Thank you.
  • the curling club’s management committee is currently looking for volunteers who would be interested in sharing some of their duties. In particular, they are looking for candidates for the following positions:

    Evening curling membership coordinator
    The duties related to this position include:
      - keeping track of the information on evening curling members and the status of their fee
      - cooperating with the persons responsible for the junior program and for daytime curling to
         produce a complete list of members for Curling Quebec and the membership directory
      - maintaining the registration form up to date

    Lakeshore Bonspiel representative
    The duties related to this position include:
      - representing the Hudson Legion CC within the Lakeshore Bonspiel management committee
      - attending the committee's meetings (5 meetings between November and May)
      - promoting the bonspiel and process registrations to participate in the event at our club
      - coordinating internally and with the Hudson Legion to ensure that the necessary support
       is in place at our club during the bonspiel (availability of food for participants as well as
       tracking and reporting game results)

    We hope to be able to fill these positions at the next meeting of the club's management committee, which is planned for beginning of August. Anyone interested in taking on either one of these tasks is asked to contact Glenn Ruiter at ruiterg (at) sympatico (dot) ca.
  • the 2014-2015 curling season finished on Saturday, April 18 with exciting games in the Closing Bonspiel, Ladder championship and consolation games as well as great banquet and awards ceremonies. Photos of the winning teams have been posted on the Mixed curling and Ladder pages. Photos from the final games and the banquet have been posted on the Photos and archives page. Congratulations to Team Maclean for winning the Ladder championship, Team Lynda Putnam for winning the Ladder consolation final, Team Oland for winning the Closing Bonspiel “A” final and Team L. Putnam for winning the Closing Bonspiel “B” final.
  • congratulations to Lynda Putnam and the rest of her rink, which included John Coutts, Lance Hodgson and Martin Jackson, for winning the Vice-President Trophy in the House League. Photo of the winning team has been posted on the House League page while a link to the photos taken during the championship final has been posted on the Archives and Photos page shortly.
  • congratulations to Angelo Santa Maria (lead), Jennifer Hallessey (sparing for John MacArthur at third), Belinda Gare (lead) and Frank Menard (skip) for winning the Gray Trophy in the Mixed Curling League. Photo of the winning team is shown on the Mixed Curling page while a link to photos of action on the ice during the decisive game that was played on Friday, April 10, has been posted on the Archives and Photos page..
  • congratulations to Steve Cromar and Philippe Santa Maria for winning Round 3 in the Evening Curling Doubles competition. Photo of the winning team has been posted below.
  • we did not receive any entries for the final caption contest photo posted below from any of our members. However, we did receive an entry from a famous celebrity who is a great fan of curling, the host of the Late Night Talk Show, David Letterman. He and his right hand man Paul Shaffer will receive a refreshment of their choice from our bar when they visit our club during the closing banquet on Saturday, April 18.
  • photos taken by Rob Maclean during the Jeux du Quebec have been posted on the Junior curling page.
  • congratulations to Bill Langdon, Jeanette Albert, Bob Beck and Gary MacDonald, for winning the Memorial Trophy in Hardy Rocks curling. Photo of the winning team has been posted below.
  • 8 teams were representing our club in the 2015 Lakeshore Bonspiel. After the first two days of competition, six of those teams were still in the hunt for trophies while two teams were eliminated. After the first weekend, the teams skipped by Lisa Krebs, Bill Langdon and Matt Stenberg were still playing in the “B” division. Bill Driver’s and Steve Cromar’s teams were still playing in the “C” division while Barbara Robinson’s team was still competing in the “E” division. Lynda Putnam’s teams was eliminated in the “C” division while Barbara Mason’s team went out in the “D” division. On the final day, however, only Bill Driver’s team was still playing, finishing as the runner-up team in the “C” division consolation final.
  • a multi-generational gathering of curlers took place at Hudson Legion on Saturday, February 7th, to help warm up our seemingly never-ending winter. Thirty-four curlers ranging in age from 9 to 79-plus participated in a series of curling matches held throughout the day, under the ShiverFest banner.
    Players were assigned to either Team Putnam or Team Maclean, with points accumulated in each competition contributing to the overall scores. Players pitted themselves against each other in events such as Juniors v. Seniors; Doubles; Men against Women, and regular, mixed play. Two challenging curling trivia sessions helped even out the scores prior to the event-deciding Skins games.
    It was a great way to beat winter, bringing together curlers of all ages who were cheered on by many spectators. Hot-off-the-grill pancakes were served up for breakfast, followed by toasted hot-dogs and wonderful home-made tourtičres and chili for lunch all made possible by co-organizer Lisa Krebs. An amazing variety of delicious cupcakes were available to bolster players' energy levels as the day progressed.
    Shown in the photo are some members of the victorious Team Maclean, proudly displaying their ShiverFest curling rock trophy carved out of ice. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this successful event one to remember.
    2015 Hudson Shiverfest Bonspiel winners

  • congratulations to Rob Maclean and the rest of his rink, which included John Burgess, Allan Jones and Dan Belliveau, for winning the 2015 Legion Quebec provincial championship. In the final game, they defeated the team skipped by Steve McPherson representing branch #242 from North Hatley 6-3
    2015 Legion Quebec provincial champions
  • recent incidents that happened on the ice should serve as a reminder to everyone how important it is to wear proper curling footwear as well as the benefits of head protection. The members of the Hardy Rocks curlers have taken the initiative and prepared a memo, that can be found in thisLink to footwear and head gear memo. document, about the importance of wearing appropriate curling shoes or grippers as well as the elegant and fashionable protective head gear that can be ordered. Please take the time to read the memo and consider its recommendations.
  • congratulations to Chris Poulter and Jeannette Albert for winning the Hardy Rocks Double Competition. The photo of the winning team is posted below.
  • Bill Driver has prepared an interesting wrap-up report on the Ryder Cup curling event that started the 2014-2015 curling season. It is available in this PDF file.
    Link to 2014-2015 season Ryder Cup curling event report


2014-2015 season Memorial Trophy winners.


2014-2015 Hardy Rocks Memorial Trophy winners

It came down to the last rock in the eighth end but Team Langdon eked out a win against Team Lauzon to take the Memorial title for 2015. Congratulations to Bill Langdon, Jeanette Albert, Bob Beck and Gary MacDonald and a special thanks to Jen Hallessey.


2014-2015 season evening curling Doubles Round 3 winners.


2014-2015 Doubles Round 3 winning team

Steve Cromar and Philippe Santa Maria, the winners of Round 3 in the Evening Curling Doubles Competition, pose with their Trophy.


2014-2015 season Hardy Rocks Doubles winners.


2014-2015 Hardy Rocks Doubles Champions


2014-2015 season Winnie Normandeau Trophy winners.


2014-2015 Hardy Rocks Winnie Normandeau Trophy Winners

It was real nail biter right to the last draw today. Three teams were very much in contention.
Team Hesketh won in the morning putting them temporarily in first place.
Team Timm could become champions with a win or a tie and Team Hart needed a win against Team Lauzon.
Team Timm fell to Team Poulter that couldn't miss a shot.
Team Lauzon put up a magnificent battle but final succumbed to Team Hart.
Team Hart ended up tied with Team Hesketh at 20 points but was the overall winner in the tie breaker with 20 points to 10 points on the draw to the button!


“You choose the caption”



Photo caption contest


Suggest a clever or funny caption for the picture below.


Sunday, March 29, 2015


Please send your suggestions to online_service@hudsonlegion.com
Note: there is an underscore character in the e-mail address between “online” and “service”.


David Letterman


a refreshment of choice from the bar

Other submissions:


2014-2015 photo caption #3 winner (



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