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Hardy Rocks Golf

Match schedule

Hardy Rocks Golf Phone List 2011




Mike Sheppard 



Bill Sansom



Jim Tisdall 

514 425-6460


Peter Atwood 

450  202-0831


Mike Archambeault 

450  218-1335


Ian Peck 



Peter Falardeau



Jim  Markham 



 Bruce Munro 



Karl  Boule 

450  424 2635


Bill Driver 

458- 2705




John Spriggs 



Bob Fournier

450 218- 1314


Chris Morgan



Bob Hart

458- 0531


General information about Hardy Rocks Golf

Here are the rules for league play. Each team consists of 4 players, ranked in order of handicap.

Each week your team will be scheduled to play another team. It is match play. 9 holes. You play a match against the player of equal ranking on the other team. If yor handicap is lower than your opponents you give him the strokes and if your handicap is higher, he gives you the strokes. Each hole is worth 2 points . win the hole you get 2 points. tie the hole you each get 1 point. At the end of the match, the winning player gets 2 bonus points, SO, the total of points available is 20. If you tie you get 10 each.I schedule you to play against 1 player , it is up to you to make up your own foresome each week. Games should be played on Monday mornings, but if you can t make a particular Monday you can arrange with your opponent to play at another time. You could also play a double match to make up a game.

All matches must be played no later than the Monday of the week following a missed game. Failure to play your game by then means a forfiet. Forfiets are scored 14-6 for the player not forfiting. Check your plans for vacations etc. and play in advance, any matches that you know you won t be here for.It is match play, so it is up to you on how you each agree on the rules of golf, and what putts are gimmies.

I would like to collect 30 dollars from each player. This money will be used to pay for a closing supper and prizes. Hope that is ok with everyone. See you all on May 2 , Keep it out of the woods.



                                                                             HARDY  ROCKS GOLF LEAGUE

   AS you should be aware I had to make some changes to the teams and the schedule so here is the latest.

TEAM1  BOGEY BILL S DRIVERS                                                    TEAM 3 COUTT S CHIPPERS

Bill driver  11                                                                                      John Coutts 12

 Jim Tisdall 17                                                                                      Jim Markham 16

Bill Sansom  19                                                            Peter Falardeau 20

Bob Fournier 23                                                                                 Chris Morgan 24

Handicap total 70                                                                             handicap total   72


TEAM 2 HART S HANDICAPPERS                                                       TEAM 4  BOULE S BIRDIES

Bob Hart 12                                                                                           Karl Boule  12

Bruce Munro  17                                                                                  Mike Sheppard  12

Mike Archambeault  19                                                                    Peter Atwood 17

John Spriggs 23                                                                                   Ian Peck 29

Total handicap 71                                                                               Total Handicap 70