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Hardy Rocks curling activities
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Hardy Rocks phone list (please click on the link to see the directory of Hardy Rocks members)

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General information about Hardy Rocks curling

The Hardy Rocks curling activities are specifically geared for people who are able to curl during the day. Membership in the Hardy Rocks group is for persons who are over 50 years old and are at least semi retired.

There are several levels of competition that are offered. In addition, Hardy Rocks curlers participate in many external competitions against other curling clubs.

The following competitions are planned for this season:

Competition event


Winnie Normandeau Trophy

Oct. 18 - Nov. 10

Ham and Turkey

Nov. 11 - Dec. 16

Bill Crockart Trophy

Jan. 3 - Feb. 24

Len Belliveau Trophy

Feb 28- Mar 6

Memorial Trophy

Mar 9- Apr 6



Bob Putnam Trophy Stick Curling

Apr. 10 - Apr. 13

Current competition

The Ham and Turkey.


Important news and event information

In addition, Roy Shetler, the match committee chairman, would like to remind all Hardy Rocks curlers about these important rules:

  • Games consist of 8 ends and a minimum of 6 ends have to be played before declaring a winner.  This is written in our Rules & Regulations and has been approved by the membership.  Please be sure to follow this rule.  This is because our members wish to get in the playing time as they have joined to curl. Winning is nice but not all important
  • A gentlemanís agreement in our club states that the ice must be cleaned after each match and traditionally the third of the losing team is asked to do this task immediately after the match. Several times recently this has not been done. Please help us keep our ice clean and ready for the next games.
  • Also tradition is that the third of the winning team shall record the score of the match on the schedule downstairs following each match. It helps to have that information so that we can get the stats out after each dayís matches.

Ham and Turkey Schedule

Ham & Turkey Teams

Ham & Turkey Standings