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Executive committee
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The group of volunteers described below are part of the curling club executive committee that manages the activities and facilities of the club. This is is up-to-date as October, 2015.

The committee formally meets once a month on the first Thursday of the month between 6:45 pm and 8 pm to discuss and plan all the various aspects of the operation of the curling club.

Any member who has any suggestions or comments or who would like to help out and get involved with the running of the curling club is heartily encouraged to contact any member of the committee.



Member since...


2012 photo of Glenn Ruiter

Glenn Ruiter




past chairman



2011 photo of Barbara Robinson

Barbara Robinson
treasurer +
Ladder convener



2012 photo of Jon Bazar

Jon Bazar
House League convener +
member of improvement fund committee



2012 photo of Serge Berubé

Serges Berubé
member of the technical committee



2011 photo of Barbara Mason

Barbara Mason



2011 photo of Sandy Eades

Sandy Eades
social events coordinator



2011 photo of Nancy Burgess

Nancy Burgess
Junior program representative



Placeholder for photo of Barry Rowland

Jay Oland



Placeholder for photo of Barry Rowland

Barry Rowland
Hardy Rocks representative



2012 photo of Gerry Foliot

Gerry Foliot
Newsletter editor and
improvement fund committee member



2011 photo of Zbig Jasiukajc

Zbig Jasiukajc
Lakeshore Bonspiel representative and
web site coordination



2014 photo of Lisa Krebs

Lisa Krebs
Mixed League convenor



2012 photo of Bill Driver

Bill Driver
Curling Quebec liaison and
web site coordination



2013 photo of Jocelyne Beck

Jocelyne Beck
Social activities