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Hudson Legion branch #115 view from  outside

  The Royal Canadian Legion
  56 Beach Road
  Hudson, Quebec
  J0P 1H0

  tel. (450) 458-4882


How to get in contact with us

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or criticisms regarding anything that has something to do with the Hudson Legion branch #115 then one of the persons listed below will most likely be able to provide some help:

If it concerns...


Contact info

Anything regarding this web site

Bill Driver or
Zbig Jasiukajc

wdriver (at) primus (dot) ca
shoecatch (at) hotmail (dot) com

Hardy Rocks curling activities

Gerry Foliot

gefoliot (at) videotron (dot) ca

For information about any of our other curling activities

Barbara Robinson or
Zbig Jasiukajc

Tel. no.: (450) 458-4882
Tel. no.: (514) 576-7333

Anything else regarding the Hudson Legion

Joan Hughes

hudsonlegion (at) videotron (dot) ca
Tel. no.: (450) 458-4882






If you prefer, you can also use our on-line form to get in contact with us. Just click on the link below and it will open up a new page where you will be able to enter your request.


1. Comments, suggestions, feedback or complaint form.