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Important curling news and information

September 14, 2017

Here is the latest news that you should know:

  • 2017-2018 Season Open House: the new season will start with our annual Open House event. This year, it will take place on Thursday, October 5th at 7 pm. As usual, it will be an opportunity to socialize, to renew old friendships and to sign up for different competitions. This year, we are making some changes to the usual routine and we plan to run the weekly schedule as follows:

    House League - Monday nights only [Convener; Jon Bazar, 514-220-6682]
    Ladder - Tuesday and Wednesday nights [Convener: Jay Oland, 514-235-7656]
    Social Curling - Friday nights [Conveners : John MacArthur 514-970-0426; Don Planche, 514-726-5136]
    Doubles - Thursdays [Convener; Jon Bazar, 514-220-6682]

    The Opening Bonspiel will start on Tuesday, October 10
    The House, Ladder, Doubles and Social Curling regular activities will start the week of October 16.

    You will be able to sign up for all the events that you wish to participate during Open House or before as the sign up sheets will be posted at the Legion.

    A Curling Clinic will take place on Sunday, October 15th and all new curlers are required to attend.
  • Club championship and season ending banquet: BEST. BANQUET. EVER.
    Over 100 persons attended the events to wrap up the 2016-2017 curling season at the Hudson Legion branch on Saturday, April 22. It all started with two curling matches to determine the Club Champions and the Hudson Trophy winners. Once it was all over, Rob Maclean and his rink, which included John Burgess as lead, Allan Jones as second and Dan Belliveau as third, regained the Club Championship throne that they lost last year to Matt Stenberg’s team by defeating Team Bill Langdon 5-2. In the undercard game, Jim Putnam, together with Nathalie Train as lead, Lynda Putnam as second (sparing for Matt Stephens) and Mike Normandeau as third, gave a good schoolin’ right in the shed, they didn’t even need to go behind, to a team of young’uns led be Philippe Santa Maria with Sierra Trivlidis as lead, Laurie-Ann Upton as second and Brendon Jackson as third, to win the Hudson Trophy. Photos of these teams as well as the game box scores are posted on the Ladder page. Photos of action on the ice as well as action during the closing banquet have been posted on the Archives and Photos page.
  • Closing Bonspiel: congratulations to Jon Bazar and the rest of his rink, which included Zach Amyotte as second, Derek Martin as lead and John MacArthur as third, for winning the “A” final in the Closing Bonspiel. Bill Langdon’s team, which included Erich Schmedt as lead, Lance Hodgson as second and Wade Dearling as third, won the “B” final. Photos of the four teams which played in the finals on Friday night have been posted on the Bonspiels page.
  • Gray Trophy: congratulations to Don Planche and his rink, which included Sonia Dumont, Glen Bajohr and Noah Amyotte, for winning the Gray Trophy in the Friday Social competition. Photo of the winning team has been posted on the Friday Social page.
  • Vice-President Trophy playoffs: congratulations to Jay “not the heir to the beer fortune” Oland and the rest of his team, which included Martin “no relationship to Michael” Jackson as lead, Bob “missing in action” Barta as second (with Jason Duhème doing a very good impersonation of Bob) and Glenn “El Presidente” Ruiter as third, for winning the Vice-President Trophy in the House League. In the championship game against Lynda Putnam’s team, the momentum was shifting after every end. At the start of the 8th end, Lynda’s team was up 2 without the hammer and the situation looked bleak for Jay’s team when there were two of Lynda’s team blue rocks in the house and none of Jay’s team yellow ones after the leads had made their deliveries. However, after a couple of takeout attempts by Lynda’s team flashed by their targets, Jay had three stones counting when Lynda got ready to throw her last rock. She managed to remove one but left her shot rock wide open and Jay had no trouble taking it out and sticking around to score three and win the trophy. A small batch of photos taken during the semi final and final games has been posted on the Archives and Photos page. A photo of the winning team as well as the box score from the final game have been posted on the House League page.
  • Blaise Trophy winners: Congratulations to John MacArthur and the rest of his rink, which included Lydia Santa Maria as lead, Linda Hougan as second  and Greg Rider as third for winning the Blaise Trophy in the Friday Night Social league. A photo of the winning team has been posted on the Friday Social curling page.
  • Canadian Senior Curling Championships: “Missed it by that much”. Our Quebec Senior Provincial Champions skipped by Rob Maclean were competing for the Canadian title between Mar. 20 and 25 and they came up one rock short of winning the bronze medal. They qualified for the medal round by finishing in third place in the round robin phase with a 7-3 record. They then lost their semi final match to the eventual champions from Alberta. In the bronze medal game, they were tied 5-5 with Team New Brunswick, which went undefeated in the round robin stage, coming home but without the hammer. Unfortunately, their opponents used their hammer wisely and scored one point to win the game. This was great fun, however, and we can’t wait for next year.
  • Quebec Senior Curling Championship: Rob Maclean and Dan Belliveau, together with Éric Gravel and Tom Wharry, have won another Quebec Senior Curling Championship. They were 6-1 in the round robin games, then they beat Team Lavoie 10-2 in the semi final and they finished with a 7-2 win over Team Gagnon in the final. They will now play for the Canadian Senior Curling Championship March 18-25 in Fredericton, NB. Congratulations to Rob and Dan and their team mates. Here are some photos of the championship team taken by John Burgess.

    2017 QC Senior Curling Champions

    2017 QC Senior Curling Champions

    2017 QC Senior Curling Champions







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