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Feb. 17-25, 2018
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Important curling news and information

January 16, 2018

Here is the latest news that you should know (there is a lot so you may want to first get a glass of wine and then sit down before you start reading):

  • Lakeshore Bonspiel:
    The signup sheet for this annual event, which takes place this year between Feb. 17 and Feb. 25, has been posted on the bulletin board at the Legion. You can also register your team through the online registration form on the Lakeshore Bonspiel web site. The deadline for registering a team is Friday, Feb. 2. The cost is the same as last year - $160 per team.
  • Ladder Round 2:
    The draw schedule for Round 2 in the Ladder, which starts on Tuesday, Jan. 16, has been posted on the Ladder page.
  • Pro Shop:
    Our club now has its very own Pro Shop - "THE HACK" - that is now open for business. The inventory of curling supplies which are available in the store is shown in a display cabinet located in the basement between the men's and ladies change rooms. Great selection, great prices. If you would like to purchase something then please contact:

    Philip Santa Maria: 514-247-3652 or
    John Coutts 450-458-4748
    For special orders please contact Philip.
  • Doubles Curling: Round 2 of the Doubles Competition starts on Thursday, January 4. The team rosters and draw schedule have been posted on the Doubles page.
  • The Pat Lid competition: changes have been made to the schedule of games on Monday, Jan. 8 and Monday, Jan. 15..
  • Ham-and-Turkey Bonspiel: congratulations to Jennifer Baumeister and her rink, which included Phil Amyotte as third, Lance Hodgson as second and Glenn Bajohr as lead for winning the “A” final in the Ham-and-Turkey bonspiel. They defeated the Jay Oland rink in 7 ends. On the “B” side, the winners were the Chris Poulter rink, with Dave Singh as third, Jennifer Hallessey as second and Derek Martin as lead. They defeated the Sandy Eades rink also in 7 ends. Photos of all four teams are posted on the Bonspiels page. A link to photos of action on the ice during the final games has been posted on the Archives and Photos page. However, a big, yuuge, enormous asterisk will be hanging over the two winning teams until a full and detailed investigation is completed into possible collusion between them. Evidence of this alleged collusion quickly became evident as the games progressed and can be seen in the box scores.

    Here is the box score from the “A” final:

    2017-2018 HLCC Ham-and-Turkey

    For comparison, here is the “B” final box score:

    2017-2018 HLCC Ham-and-Turkey

    Adding to the evidence are the facts that Team Baumeister and Team Poulter played against each other in the first round while the two losing teams, Team Oland and Team Eades, also played against each other in the first round of this bonspiel. Considering the gravity of the situation and the importance of this tournament in the global political order we have asked special counsel Robert Mueller to suspend his investigation into possible collusion between Donald Trump and Russia leading to the 2016 USA presidential election and instead dedicate all of his skills and resources to get to the bottom of this incident. As soon as we receive any news from Mr. Mueller on the progress of his investigation we will post it here.

  • Christmas Get Together / “Winnie’s Office Party”: a link to a few photos taken during this annual fun event has been posted on the Archives and Photos page. In the meantime, it is important to note that this year’s lucky winner of the “kooky” hat was Linda Hougan. Here she is proudly showing off the most precious temporary addition to her wardrobe:
    2017-12-15 kooky hat winner

  • President Trophy playoffs: congratulations to Jay Oland and his rink which included Lydia Santa Maria as lead, Greg Riter as second and John Coutts as third for winning the President Trophy in the House League. In the championship game which took place on Thursday, Dec. 7 they defeated the rink skipped by John MacArthur 10-4. Photos of the winners and the runners up are posted on the House League page.
  • Doubles Round 1 playoffs: congratulations to Noah and Zach Amyotte for winning the championship game vs Wade Dearling and Francis Paquin in Round 1 of the Doubles competition. Photos of the winners and runners up have been posted on the Doubles page.
  • Seguin Trophy playoffs: congratulations to Bill Langdon and the rest of his curling posse, which included Nick Townsend at lead, Phil Amyotte at second (sparing for Greg Rider) and Zach Amyotte as third, for winning the Seguin Trophy in the Friday Night Social Curling league. They defeated the Jay de la Durantaye rink in the final on Friday, Nov. 24. A photo of the championship team is available on the Friday Curling page while a collection of photos of action on the ice during that game is available on the Archives and Photos page.
  • 2017 Quebec Senior Men’s Curling Championship banner: during the Open House event that took place on Oct. 5 (“Hey dummy, take a look at the calendar, it’s the end of November.” Yes, we know, thank you.) our very own Rob Maclean presented to our freshly minted new club president Jay de la Durantaye as well as his wise predecessor Glenn Ruiter the banner for the Quebec Senior Men’s Curling Championship that he and his rink  won back in March of 2017. Here is a photo to prove it.
    2017 QC Senior Men's Championship banner presentation

    That banner is now proudly displayed in the curling shed among the other championship that Rob and other members of our club have collected over the years.

  • Social media presence: the Hudson Legion Curling Club has finally arrived in the 21st century and we now have our very own page on Facebook as well as a Twitter account. If you have you own Facebook or Twitter account then you can either like us or follow us in order to receive updates. Our Facebook page is at www.facebook.com/HLCurling and our Twitter feed is on www.twitter.com/HLCurling
  • Club brooms: we have purchased some new brooms to be used as communal property by anyone who does not have one, forgot one or is simply too damn cheap to buy their own. They will be available inside the shed and we are being assured by the person responsible for this purchase that you will not be able to miss them (but try anyway).
  • Opening Mixed Bonspiel: congratulations to Bill Langdon as well as the rest of his rink, which included Jen Baumeister at third, Glenn Ruiter as second and Erich Schmedt as lead, for winning the “A” final in the Opening Bonspiel. Benoit Legault’s rink, with Wade Dearling at third, Jen Hallessey at second and Derek Martin as lead, were the “A” runners up. Jay Oland’s team won the “B” final, while the other Jay’s team, of the de la Durantaye variety, were the “B” runners up. Unfortunately, photos of the teams that played in the “B” final are not available because they suffered an acute case of a specific sports related injury called premature evacuation and were not available for photo taking. By the time this reporter arrived at the curling club they had already deserted the curling ice, with some of them heading straight for their cars in the parking lot. However, teams of talented scientists are feverishly working to find a cure for this affliction and a cure may be found soon.
  • 2017-2018 Season Open House: the new season will start with our annual Open House event. This year, it will take place on Thursday, October 5th at 7 pm. As usual, it will be an opportunity to socialize, to renew old friendships and to sign up for different competitions. This year, we are making some changes to the usual routine and we plan to run the weekly schedule as follows:

    House League - Monday nights only [Convener; Jon Bazar, 514-220-6682]
    Ladder - Tuesday and Wednesday nights [Convener: Jay Oland, 514-235-7656]
    Social Curling - Friday nights [Conveners : John MacArthur 514-970-0426; Don Planche, 514-726-5136]
    Doubles - Thursdays [Convener; Jon Bazar, 514-220-6682]

    The Opening Bonspiel will start on Tuesday, October 10
    The House, Ladder, Doubles and Social Curling regular activities will start the week of October 16.

    You will be able to sign up for all the events that you wish to participate during Open House or before as the sign up sheets will be posted at the Legion.

    A Curling Clinic will take place on Sunday, October 15th and all new curlers are required to attend.







Curling jackets are available


starting on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010


$85, all taxes included



The jackets look as shown on this photo and they are available in small, medium large and extra large sizes. They will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Once the current stock is exhausted it will take 6-8 weeks for a new order to arrive. Please contact Bob Fournier to purchase a jacket.



Important curling events, competitions and bonspiels announcements