Opening Event

Hi everyone. Here are the score to date and the order in which you will be throwing your rocks tomorrow. First all the leads and seconds will throw their one practice rock and one rock for points. The first throw is a draw to the button, the second throw is the curler's choice. Once all the leads and seconds have thrown, then the thirds and skips will throw again one draw to the button and one curlers choice, one practice and one throw for points. Remember the points on Friday are double so there are 26 points available to each team with a perfect score!

There will be hot-dogs and chips at the end.

Good Curling


Well our opening event is over. Bill Langdon's team made a fantastic last day surge to take 40 points and win the opening event with a total of 60 points and the beautiful Hardy Rock Trophy. Bill Driver's team took second place with a last day score of 32 points for a total of 53 and Bob Hart's team rounded out the top three with 26 points and a total of 48. Well done everyone. Now on to the Normandeau.