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It is a great honour for a club of our size to have a representative in a Canadian Final. Rob MacLean and Danny Belliveau are competing in the Seniors National Championships in Fredericton on March 18th.

You can follow their progress by following this link : Go Rob & Danny---->

Hardy Rocks 
Christmas Festivities 

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Hardy Rock Christmas Dinner Tuesday Dec 20 12:30

  • On Tuesday we were treated to the finals of the amalgamated Winnie Normandeau Draw and Ham & Turkey draw. Team Coutts consisting of John Coutts, Gilles Leblanc, Yves Gauthier and Réal Fortier soundly defeated Team Rowland consisting of Barry Rowland, Mike Devine, Neil Tomiuk and Gary Gibson. Although the game was very one sided the curlers kept the growing crowd which in the end numbered 85 people entertained.
  • The game was followed by a group photograph of all the Hardy Rocks and as Gerry Foliot indicated the photo will be available on-line from May’s studio.
  • Barry Rowland introduced the Hardy Rock committee of Gerry Foliot, Neil Tomiuk, Bob Fournier, Bob Burns, Bob Beck, Moe Lafoley and Gilles Leblanc.
  • Ex-Hardy Rocks and guests consisted of Bruce Munroe, Michel Dumaine, Chris Morgan and Millie Beliveau. It should be mentioned that at the end of the dinner one more ex-Hardy Rock showed up, Karl Boulé.
  • Neil Tomiuk introduced our new members, Alan Lunt, Ian Deakin, Jocelyne Beck, Sylvie Barriault, Louis Filion, Réal Fortier and Bob Barta and told us that the Hardy Rocks had 77 members and were in good financial shape. He also explained that he would once again head up the student training sessions with the schools and would be looking for volunteers shortly.
  • Bob Fournier said that we were keeping up well with all the extra games in the interclub now that we are on our own (we are currently in third last place but ahead of our ex-partner Rosmere).
  • Gilles Leblanc mentioned that there are some broom racks and lockers still available and that the repairs have been done and that he was presently cleaning up the brooms.
  • Barry Rowland mentioned that the opening hotshot event would be repeated next year and that the 4 draws per day were working even though 8:30 was not popular with everyone. Pebbling and racking were discussed. The final Hardy Rock draw will end on Thursday April 20.
  • Gerry Foliot mentioned the jackets and equipment for sale as well as the name tags.
  • Glenn Ruiter discussed the curling club as a whole being in good financial shape because the breakdowns earlier this year were covered by our insurance except for $2000 in deductible and the money we had been setting aside for the ice scraper would cover the deductible costs.
  • Barry Rowland thanked Alan Jones, Serges Berubé, Jim Markham, Bill Sansom, Bob Hart, and Joan Hughes for all they do.
  • Bob Beck thanked Sandy Eades, Sharlene Dearling, Joan Bazar, Fred & Jeanette Albert, and Eileen Farnham
  • Barry Rowland also thanked Gerry Foliot for all the work he does and for his continued publication of the newsletter.
  • Barry Rowland presented photos to 2016 Crockhart champions Bill Driver, Yves Gauthier, Mike Archambault and Bill Louch.
  • Gerry Foliot presented the Normandeau trophy and made the presentation to the second place team as well as the third place team of: Alex Timm, Dorothy Gauthier, Bob Beck, Leslie House)
  • Bob Fournier presented the 50/50 draw of $400 total (the proceeds to go to the last post fund (graves and markers for veterans) to the winner Michel Brabant.
  • Bob Beck presented the bottle of wine door prize to Mike Sheppard
  • John Spriggs won the draw to the button for a turkey with a draw that was one inch from the pin. Congratulations!
  • Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Feb. 20-28, 2016
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The latest Day Curling news (11/16/2016)


The recent breakdown of the refrigeration unit at the legion curling club, created many hours of extra work for our ice making crew. Thanks to the great effort of Serges Berubé and Allan Jones and several volunteers the rink is now back in playing condition. 

First there was the clean-up. The the repairs. Next the re-surfacing and painting and then the lines etc. for the final product.



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Curling jackets are available


$85, all taxes included



The jackets look as shown on this photo and they are available in small, medium large and extra large sizes. They will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Once the current stock is exhausted it will take 6-8 weeks for a new order to arrive. Please contact Bob Fournier and Gerry Foliot to purchase a jacket.